Free or Open Source Software

In the course of previous engagements, Ipsilon Consulting has created some pieces of open source software that it is pleased to be able to share here. In general, where we are creating code for a client, we will assess what the software will do. If it is not part of the core business of the client and the client therefore has no benefit in exclusive ownership, then we will generally open-source the software. Ipsilon Consulting wishes to be a positive member of the open source community.

Software on this page is all free to download and try, but some packages do contain some code that is copyright Ipsilon and some others at this time; it is therefore important that you contact us if you wish to use any of the software in a production environment, so that we can check the current status and licences for you. Obviously, no warranty, implied or otherwise, is included with downloaded software.

Designed for IPSO 4.2, disk-based firewalls...

  • DNSpack.tgz - The INADYN update daemon for DynDNS. Great for small remote offices.
  • HullPlating.tgz - Experimental improved GUI for (so far) just AAA config

Directory of other IPSO packages

These packages are not hosted here and Ipsilon Consulting is not responsible for them. We have historically simply tried to provide a directory to help our clients to locate the software.

  • GNUkia - common GPL utilities incl. bash, screen, less, locate, rcs
  • NokCompiler-1-0.tgz - Official sdk gcc
  • IPSODEV.tgz - Official sdk libraries (mostly just FreeBSD libs)
  • iprgdev.tgz - Official sdk profile tools - gprof, kdump, ktrace etc.
  • shells.tgz - bash, tcsh etc. - semi-official Nokia package, kb1783
  • perl5 - semi-official Nokia package, kb1783
  • mrtg - semi-official Nokia package, kb1783
  • squid - semi-official Nokia package, kb1783
  • netcat - semi-official Nokia package, kb1783
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