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It's time! IPv6 is here.

Ipsilon Consulting has completely refreshed its IPv6 training portfolio for 2010 to reflect the needs to all the multiple parties in your business that now need to come up to speed, right from giving the CIO all the information needed to commit with confidence, through architects and operations, to technologists recoding bespoke applications.

IPv6 is the future of the Internet, of necessity. Ipsilon Consulting can give you to tools to execute your transition cleanly, cost-effectively, and with confidence. Defer what can be deferred, embrace what can benefit, and defend against being caught unawares.

Course Description

IPv6 for CIOs and Decision Makers is a one-day instructor-led course and workshop.

The course is designed to give CIOs and strategic decision makers a short, intense understanding of the scope of IPv6 deployment and eventual transition, and a realistic framework to assess implications for their own business. Some businesses may be able to delay deployment safely for 2-3 years, but doing so will incur costs later, and understanding the optimum timeline could realize significant savings in the business.

Workshop sessions will allow participants to compare progress and better understand the scope of their own exposure.

After completing the course, participants will understand the implications of IPv6 for their business, be able to make informed decisions for the business, and be able to manage the high level aspects of an effective IPv6 deployment programme.

The course is arranged so that critical instructor-led sessions are in the morning, and discussion-based breakouts are in the afternoon.

IPv6 for Network Architects is a 2-day instructor-led course, with both discussion workshops and labs.

The course is designed to give Network Architects an in-depth understanding of the scope of IPv6 deployment and transition, with a detailed coverage of the technologies and standards for interoperation, routing, proxying, security, management, configuration, debugging and transition. The course covers the full stack, on common network devices and on common desktop scenarios. Basic OS operation and key business applications are included.

After completing the course, participants will be able to configure a simple pilot environment in their own company, be able to make key technology decisions about border, desktop, network and server transition, and have a solid framework for managing IPv6 projects and interrogating vendors.

IPv6 for Operations is a two-day instructor-led course and lab.

The course is designed to give network and security operations staff a solid understanding of IPv6 theory and configuration on PCs and common network devices.

Day 1 lab sessions will include creation by students of a pure IPv6 network. Day 2 lab sessions are designed to explore more common transition scenarios of minimal IPv6 deployment on existing operational IPv4 networks.

After completing the course, participants will understand IPv6 concepts, have a realistic appreciation of when IPv6 is appropriate or desirable, and be able to configure devices in pure and mixed IPv6 environments.

Security training can be expensive, and typical approaches to certification can leave a knowledge deficit that must be met with significant amounts of field experience. The "CCSA on IPSO complete" package offers, in one week, all the elements required for a networking engineer (expert) to transition to security, operate effectively and with confidence, and pass Check Point's primary security certification, CCSA.

Security for managers, network staff, support desk staff, etc: Network Access Control, Vulnerability/Penetration Testing (Pen Testing), security concepts, responsibilities etc.

For consulting engagements, Ipsilon Consulting offers a complete handover package, including staff training. We believe that coming back to Ipsilon Consulting for ongoing support should be a choice, not an inevitability.

Ipsilon Consulting continues to offer bespoke education packages to complete any consultancy solution, with a variety of delivery methods.

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