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Training Schedules

We do not currently support web bookings, as a large proportion of our customers ask for course customization. Courses can be made available at any location where numbers are sufficient. When you are ready to book, one of our consultants will be pleased to help you:

IPv6 for CIOsIPv6 for Net ArchitectsIPv6 for CIOsIPv6 for Operations
Start DateDuration/
I6C130th Nov 20121550Cambs, UKFULLIPv6 for CIOs and Decision Makers: IPv6 strategy training and seminar
I6A12nd Dec 20122900Cambs, UKFULLIPv6 for Network Architects: IPv6 strategic technical overview and technical framework labs
I6C17th Dec 20121550Cambs, UKAvailableIPv6 for CIOs and Decision Makers: IPv6 strategy training and seminar
I6O19th Dec 20122900Cambs, UKAvailableIPv6 for Operations: IPv6 theory and configuration on typical sample devices, two sample scenarios.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Ipsilon Consulting Ltd reserves the right to cancel any course up to 14 calendar days before its start date, and the customer accepts that Ipsilon Consulting shall not be liable beyond the purchase price of the course, which shall be refunded. The customer may cancel a course booking 14 calendar days before the start of the course with a 50 administration fee. Customers cancelling between 14 and 7 calendar days before a course shall be liable for half the original purchase price. Cancelations will not be accepted within the last 7 calendar days before the beginning of a course. All courses must be paid for in full within 14 days of booking or before the course begins, whichever is the sooner. Ipsilon Consulting will make every effort to make the training experience convenient, comfortable and conducive to learning, but shall not be liable for customer expenses to attend the course, however caused. Ipsilon Consulting seeks to improve its courses continually, and reserves the right to make changes to course material at any time and without notice, within the scope of the course description, length and stated target audience.

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