About This Web Site

You probably don't want to hire us for your beautiful marketing web sites - graphic design is not our core speciality. But you would be making a great choice to have Ipsilon Consulting check your intranet, mobile web pages or CMS front ends for security, standards compatibility, mobile experience and graceful degradation on inferior browsers.

This was written in 2007 in hand-coded HTML, and was one of the first sites on the net to use "polyfill" technology; this page was written to promote this, and it's great that the rest of the web has now caught up! At the time, it was truly hard to persuade customers of the benefits. We believe in mobility. The site is optimized for:

  • Safari (iPhone, PC and Mac)
  • Chrome (which is based on Safari's WebKit engine)
  • Google Android phone platform
  • Nokia Eseries and Nseries phones
  • Firefox
  • Opera (mostly on phones)

Older version Internet Explorer support is provided by a number of JavaScript libraries. We're aware that the site is due a refresh, but it looks remarkably good for a 5-year old site and shows that good web design can be future-proof.

Specifically: jQuery was not prominent when this site was created; instead, the following technologies were used:

  • dojo
  • IE7-js
  • PIE htc
  • Modernizr (which has since become very popular)
  • eCSStender
Minor additions since 2010 have begun a switch to jQuery.
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